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What is Seafood Souq?

Seafood Souq is an online marketplace where you can order seafood from anywhere in the world with full supply chain traceability.

We believe sustainability begins with traceability.


By digitizing the supply chain from sea to serving.

Our goal is to encourage responsible sourcing, eliminate seafood fraud, minimize waste, give you a fresher product; and provide you with the information to take sustainable action.

How it works

Simplified ordering direct from source
Seafood sellers list their products on our marketplace
Seafood sellers list their products on our marketplace
Seafood is shipped direct from source with cargo partners
Seafood is delivered with a unique QR Code for traceability
Seafood Souq collects data at every stage to provide full chain traceability


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New FDA Seafood Traceability Guidelines: A Step Towards a Sustainable and Responsible Seafood Industry

The FDA has released traceability guidelines that brings fantastic news for both businesses and consumers in the seafood industry. These guidelines mandate the tracing of seafood products from harvest to their final destination, ensuring complete transparency throughout the product’s journey. With compliance deadlines varying based on business size, it’s important to note that these guidelines are now in effect. Seafood Industry Challenges Seafood, being the most traded food commodity worldwide, has long been plagued by issues like fraud, mislabeling, and illegal fishing practices.